Lieberman: Made Man

Time mag has a lengthy piece on Joe Lieberman's primary campaign, full of fun anecdotes -- like how the Senator's denying that the SOTU kiss ever even happened, and how Harry Reid has declined to ask bloggers to be nice to Joe. It doesn't paint a pretty picture of Lieberman's chances. Then we read this:

Political Wire asked Dick Morris for his thoughts on the U.S. Senate race in Connecticut:

"I think Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) will lose the primary and will be so crippled by the defeat and Ned Lamont (D) so empowered, that he will lose the general election as an independent.["]

And we're now officially convinced: Lieberman can't lose. Easy victory in the primary and comfy cruise to reelection. Dick Morris has spoken, place your bets.

Why Joe Lieberman is Fighting for his Political Life [Time]

Morris Says Lieberman Will Lose [Political Wire]


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