Lieberman: Treat Afghanistan, 2009 Like Germany, 1945

Lieberman: Treat Afghanistan, 2009 Like Germany, 1945

Do you ever read a news headline and actually say, "Ha. Oh fuck," aloud? WELL, "Lieberman Finally Used That Nazi/Afghanistan Analogy Everyone Could Tell Was Up His Sleeve" and its variations had that effect on your Wonkette Morning Editor! See, it makes negative zero sense to compare the situation to the Vietnam, Lieberman says, because America went into Vietnam out of its own volition. And America didn'tstart the Afghanistan War—Christ no—9/11 started the Afghanistan War. In the same way that the Nazis started WWII! So, what, are we just supposed to let 9/11 and the Nazis win a world war??

No, for then we would be guilty of orchestrating a 9/11 against Democracy:

"It's more like, and I hate to use the analogy, it is like the Second World War," he went on. "Shortly after it was over, if the Nazis began to form again and tried to take back Germany from a new democratic government, what would we have done? We would not have stood by and let it happen!"

Point is, if we pull out of Afghanistan, the entire Earth will be speaking German in two weeks.

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