Liveblogging The Pathetic Embarrassing Second Tier GOP Losers Debate: A Live Blog

Well hello there! Are you ready to see the loser junior varsity Republican candidates lose some more while they debate each other during loser hour? US TOO! Who knows what's going to happen? Will Rick Santorum get real stigmata? Will Rick Perry comb his mane the whole time? Will Jim Gilmore try to feel Carly Fiorina on the boobies? Who can say, nobody knows who he is, so we don't know if he's a booby-grabbing creeper or not! Join us as we live-blog the inaugural debate of Fuckshow 2016!

Don't want to catch loser cooties? Check out the Winners Debate, you know, the one with Trump, here: Liveblogging The Pathetic Embarrassing First Tier GOP Losers Debate: A Live Blog


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