Lies, Garbage, And 'Enimas': New Wonkette Reader Mail


Wonkette established itself early as the publication of record for all things Sarah Palin, so it's no surprise that random mouth-breathing yokels emerging from their basement masturbatoriums to eagerly Google "SARAH PALIN NAKED" would end up looking at this site -- a weird amalgam of dirty jokes, paeans to Truck Nutz, and actual political news -- and find themselves a little baffled.

Pretty much any time a big story hits and traffic spikes, we'll get a few angry/puzzled letters from unfortunates who stumbled on the site from Google News or wherever. These writers are usually outraged that we are not "real reporters" with "journalistic objectivity," and they encourage us to "get a life," blah blah blah. Sometimes people are more creative, though. Here are three notes we received just in the last day.

From: [redacted]


Subject: worse bunch of lies and garbage I have ever read!!!!!!

Get off the email, you should be ashamed to print those lies, shame on you.

From: Joan


Subject: (no subject)

your site SUCKS!!!!!.....your site is absolute garbage.......

From: papa


Subject: u sicko

u folks need to take a brain enima


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