Life With Larry

* Um, we'd suggest taking a closer look, because those aren't exactly "scandal scars" the GOP's got, if you catch our drift. [NYT]

* Larry Craig's bathroom problem is a story with legs. Sweaty, hairy legs, and hard, throbbing cocks. [WP]

* Senate Republicans want an investigation of Craig's behavior, but honestly, if they don't know how this shit works by now it's really not up to some investigator to tell them. [Roll Call]

* Totally immobilized with 18 months left in his administration and without the political capital to do much of anything, Bush wants to have a big old brawl with Congress when he nominates some jackass to be AG. [WP]

* Republican front-runners are out to make Mike Huckabee look like God. [The Hill]

* John McCain's going on welfare. [Politico]

* Bill Clinton isn't exactly first lady material and Hillary ain't exactly his first or last lady, either. [WT]

* Fugitive from California authorities, Norman Hsu gives all kinds of cash to Hillary because he knows how much the Clintons love to pardon rogue businessmen. [LAT]


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