Li'l Giuliani Loves Barack Obama, Seagram's Coolers

caroline1.jpgYesterday the nation shrugged at the news that Rudy offspring Caroline Giuliani was on Facebook and might support Barack Obama. Slate broke the story in a prize-worthy feat of investigative social network searching. But we wanted more: as everyone knows, Facebook is designed to aide in the hooking-up process and also to document totally bitchin parties. While we may never know which of Caroline's pokes ended in pokings, anyone with access to her profile should have a window into her partying ways. Thankfully, one commenter came through, and provided the now-requisite pictures of a candidate's child drinking underage.

Commenter wethotcanadiansummer writes:

My sister went to elementary school with Caroline Rose G before she switched to Trinity School and apparently Caroline friended her even though my sister and her group of friends think that Caroline is catty and only friends with gay boys (like father, like daughter?). So my sister had no qualms about letting me send you these facebook pictures of her former schoolmate, including some she had de-tagged, but were found on mutual friends' accounts. Enjoy.

Below, Caroline enjoys some champagne, some Seagram's gin, and something gold in a martini glass. Classy stuff -- the kind of classy stuff the Harvard-attending daughter of a thrice-married Manhattan dandy might drink!







And she's single! Though sadly, as of press time, she'd ditched "random play" and "whatever I can get" for mere "friendship." Maybe she doesn't take after her father, after all.

Daddy Dearest [Slate]

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