Li'l Scandal Roundup: Only Nine More Days

Time for another batch of filth!

* Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pennsylvania) is in trouble. The ethics, as usual. Improperly made his congressional staff do campaign work, or something. In other words, a perfect Li'l Scandal Roundup item. But we hear Murphy may soon be eligible for lots and lots of posts all about him! Stay tuned. Oh, and Laura Bush will be out to help this afternoon. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

* RNC Chair Ken Mehlman took money from a gay porno producer, but not for the reason you'd expect. Also, said gay porno producer uses active military talent from the 82nd Airborne. [Towelroad]

* GOP Rep. Bob Beauprez is running for governor of Colorado. It sure is nice to have federal agents digging up dirt on your Democratic opponent -- until the Feds actually start investigating you. [Associated Press]

* Florida e-voting machines change your vote from the Democrat to the Republican. Florida! [Miami Herald]


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