Lin Wood Rebranding QAnon With New 'Lizard Squad' Theory

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After a vibrant Friday and Saturday going on about how Mike Pence will maybe be executed by firing squad and talking about how John Roberts's adopted children from Ireland are actually trafficked children he got from Wales/Jeffrey Epstein, totally sane pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood decided to toss out a new theory that seems to be a general mishmash of QAnon/Pizzagate stuff, probably in the hopes that he will get to be the new Q (who has been MIA since posting this video on December 8).

First he suggested that he knows some very big and scary TRUTHS that people might want to kill him over, and he just wanted to be super clear that if they kill him, those truths will still come out. Because he has truth insurance. One of these "truths" is that there is a whole blackmail operation happening whereby agents from various elite intelligence agencies worldwide kidnap powerful people like Chief Justice John Roberts, and force them to rape and murder a child at gunpoint, in order to be able to control them like puppets. This, surely, is the only thing that can explain why the Supreme Court ruled against hearing Donald Trump's election fraud case.

Wood claims that "actor" Isaac Kappy, who committed suicide in 2019 after going right off the deep end, was given hacked files from a hacker group known as the Lizard Squad that prove the existence of this whole blackmail scheme. Like, the Lizard Squad supposedly hacked one of these intelligence agencies and POOF! immediately discovered all the blackmail files of rape and murder.

The Lizard Squad was a real hacker group, by the way. Except they didn't hack intelligence agencies, they mostly just did DDoS attacks on various video games. They were best known for hacking Taylor Swift's Instagram page and threatening to release nude pictures of her if she didn't give them a ton of money. She didn't give them any money and encouraged them to "have fun" trying to find such pictures. One would assume that if Taylor Swift did have nude pictures of herself, she probably would not keep them saved on her Instagram.

Parts of this are also true. Kappy did kill himself and members of the lizard squad were jailed for hacking. Of course, those members were jailed for hacking in 2015 and 2016, well before Kappy went off the deep end.

Just to refresh your memory here, the Isaac Kappy that Wood is on about, the guy all of these QAnon dopes have been on about, is a dude who, prior to his suicide, was known primarily for stalking Seth Green, choking and stalking Paris Jackson, and briefly appearing on "Vanderpump Rules."

Behold, the music video he made with actual "Vanderpump Rules" cast member Tom Sandoval that was not a joke like you might assume by watching it.

Charles McMansion - "Touch in Public"

This is the guy they think was offed by the cabal to keep him quiet. The guy with the treasure trove of TRUTH, if you will. I'm not saying a Bravo reality show "friend" can't know stuff. I would guess that some of them probably do know some things about some things, given that many of them are super rich and connected and famous.

But that does not so much apply to Isaac Kappy, whose biggest credits outside "Vanderpump Rules" were playing "rowdy prisoner" on "Breaking Bad" and "pet store clerk" in Thor.

Rather, it seems as though Kappy had a psychotic break before committing suicide, which is sad, but not the same thing as being murdered by various intelligence agencies before he could get to Trump in order to tell him about this secret super evil blackmail scheme that would later be to blame for the Supreme Court refusing to let him be president for life.

One would have to assume that if this whole operation were so effective, that Lin Wood would have more than a bit of trouble posting this anywhere on the internet, and that he would instead be at some kind of black site, next to Jeffrey Epstein, whom he claims is still alive, instead of going on bizarre Twitter rants about lizard squads. Alas, that does not appear to be the case.

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