Lincoln and John Lennon Live On, At Least Through The Weekend

Lincoln and John Lennon Live On, At Least Through The Weekend
  • Closing Sunday, May 10: OMG, Lincoln is dying ALL OVER AGAIN on Sunday, when the lovely Library of Congress exhibit boasting a gagillion artifacts in his honor is shutttered for all time. With Malice Toward None: The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition includes such ephemera as the oldest known copy of the Gettysburg address, inaugural speeches noted by Lincoln himself, and the Emancipation Proclamation. Because of its unprecedented popularity, the Library has extended its hours, so check the website for updates; you should definitely elbow your way in before its contents are sold to the foreigns for much-needed bank capital. Free. [Library of Congress]
  • Thursday, May 7 through Sunday, May 10: A collection of original artwork and limited edition prints by John Lennon will be on display at a rented storefront in Georgetown. The somewhat sketchy sounding operation is actually for charity: all donations made at the door will benefit the Capitol Area Food Bank. The hundreds of pieces featured will also be available for purchase, for the one or two of us who still have "money." The hours (which are literally nowhere on the internet) are conveniently listed here: 5PM to 9PM on Thursday, 12PM to 7PM on Friday, 11AM to 7PM on Saturday, 11AM to 6PM on Sunday. $2 donation suggested. [John Lennon Artwork, via Brightest Young Things]
  • Opening Friday, May 8: Gallery Neptune (in Bethesda, if you're into that kind of thing) focuses on showcasing the work of regional artists. This week they are opening an exhibit of Maryland-based Ed Bisese, whose paintings of oddly-rendered superheroes and elephantine versions of famous-y people are actually strangely appealing. It officially opens on Friday for the Bethesda Art Walk, but the opening reception is at 7PM on Saturday. Free. [Gallery Neptune]
  • Opening Saturday, May 9: This Adamson Gallery has hosted some neat-o artists lately, and it continues apace with Ku, an exhibit by Yuriko Yamaguchi. Her large floating sculptures of tangled wire and resin are meant to embody the notion of sky and space, and the resulting pieces do seem to resemble constellations, or space junk, or flowers if you squint your eyes. Whatever your interpretation, they are really quite beautiful. The opening reception is on Saturday from 6:30PM to 8:30PM. Free. [Adamson Gallery]
  • Opening Saturday, May 9: The latest artist to be displayed at Curator Office's "micro-gallery" is Chris Scarborough, whose apparent fascination with humans as imagined by Japanime cartoons has translated into one creepy exhibit. His photos of women with their faces altered to take on cartoonish dimensions are unnatural and unsettling, in the "what if Barbie dolls were real people" sort of way. Pastoralia also features some of Scarborough's drawings. Free. [Curator's Office]

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