Lindsey Graham Can't (Politically!) Satisfy His Base

A new poll says that if Lindsey Graham had to run for the Republican primary today, he would either totally or probably lose, which must be so harsh on his self-esteem. In"Lindsey Graham in Trouble with S.C. GOP Faithful" [PDF], a new groundbreaking research paper, the numbers outfit Public Policy Polling says 57% of South Carolina conservatives "pledge to vote for an unnamed primary challenger who is to Graham’s right," because Graham talks to libruls all civil-minded and such. "Civil" is for wars, not for politics!

Only 32% of the "Palmetto Republicans" who stopped watching their shouty pundits long enough to answer the pollsters' questions said they would reelect Graham, because he has talked temperature politics with John Kerry over cupcakes, and has also kept his yoga dates with Harry Reid. Also, he has not sponsored any bills requiring everyone in the U.S. to pray to the Confederate flag, because he is more committed to the rainbow flag of gayness.

“It’s a good thing for Lindsey Graham that he’s not up for election again until 2014,” said PPP President Dean Debnam. “This is not a good climate for Republicans who have attempted to be bipartisan to be running in.”

The junior senator of the Palmetto Bug state, Jim DeMint, still has the support of 67% of South Carolina Republicans because he's a total wingnut. [Public Policy Polling]


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