Lindsey Graham Is No Longer Welcome At Jill Biden, Her Husband's House

Lindsey Graham Is No Longer Welcome At Jill Biden, Her Husband's House

Dr. Jill Biden, her husband's most enthusiastic supporter, was a guest on CNN's "New Day" this morning. During the interview, she officially declared the Bidens' friendship with South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham "so yesterday." Ever since Graham became Donald Trump's personal wet wipe, Dr. Biden doesn't even know who he is anymore. (Hint: He's a sycophantic slimeball.)

DR. BIDEN: I don't know what happened to Lindsey. We used to be great friends. And friends with John McCain. We've traveled together with the foreign relations committee. We've had dinner. Now he's changed.

It's probably tough to accept, but there's a great likelihood that Graham himself hasn't personally changed. He's only changed toward the Bidens because they are no longer useful to him. I'm sure they had lots of fun together when the Bidens were more politically convenient. Graham's a Southerner and Southerners are charming. This is not a dig at Delaware, which I've always enjoyed driving through on my way to someplace else, but I don't think the Bidens were prepared for that level of a charm offensive.

At his core, Graham is a political scorpion who likes to hitch rides to relevance on the backs of trusting frogs. Ironically, Graham will never disappoint Donald Trump because everything in life is transactional to the president. Trump has never had a real friend in his entire miserable life -- just an ever-changing series of mutually advantageous alliances, and like any good supervillain team-up, it's only a question of who'll betray the other party first.

Dr. Biden's a warm-blooded mammal, so naturally, it's a little hurtful to see someone she considered a friend openly plotting her husband's political destruction. Graham will pull out all the stops to keep Trump and the Republican Party in power. He'll even chug a gallon of Mountain Dew, unzip his pants, and go to town on Biden's hard-earned reputation. Graham recently declared his intentions to open a series of baseless investigations into Biden, and he might drag his son, Hunter, into the mud, as well, so he won't get lonely.

DR. BIDEN: It's hard when you consider somebody a friend and they've said so many negative things. That's been a little hurtful.

Graham didn't just refuse to defend Biden against the president's corrupt efforts to smear him and his family. He actively joined in the obfuscation and mud-slinging. Someone with the morals of anything higher than a slug should've denounced Trump and clearly stated that the Bidens obviously did nothing wrong, case closed. You don't even need to have enjoyed a meal with Joe and Jill. (We also state without evidence but with all certainty that Graham never once picked up the check.)

When "New Day" host John Berman filled Dr. Biden in on Graham's mad scheme to force Hunter Biden to testify before a Senate committee, she just laughed ruefully. It was like something out of Tennessee Williams.

DR. BIDEN: Hunter has done nothing wrong. Why would Hunter be called? Donald Trump should be before that committee.

Joe Biden is expected to win big-ish in the upcoming South Carolina primary. What I'd love to see is for the Bidens to make it their mission to help Democrat Jaime Harrison defeat Graham in November. (That's not just petty. It's good politics. Senate Republicans don't deserve to keep inflicting a majority on the country and world.) Biden should hold big rallies for Harrison during the general election, whether he's the nominee or not. Call in every favor but make Graham sweat before sending him home for good. It's in the scorpion's nature to sting the frog, but the frog can always fight back.

Donate to Jaime Harrison here.

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