The main problem right now, according to Lindsey Graham, is not that America is in a deep depressing hole of sadness. Lindsey Graham has nothing against deep holes -- some could argue he even fancies them, if you know what we mean, and we think you do! -- what concerns him is the kind of deep hole America is currently in. Not all holes are equal, folks:

Democrats, led by Obama, have gone "hard to the left," Graham said.

"Now they have nothing to show for their efforts but bigger government and more debt," he said. "Now they own this agenda that I think has been the most liberal agenda in modern times, and at the end of the day the public is not in the left ditch, they're not in the right ditch, they're in the right-center of the road. And the only way the president can possibly survive is to come back to the middle.

Thank you to Wonkette hero chascates for this story about Lindsey Graham's favorite holes.


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