Lindsey Graham... *Please* Just Tell Us Your Secrets Already

Lindsey Graham... *Please* Just Tell Us Your Secrets Already

Lindsey Graham, third puzzle piece, along with Joe Lieberman and John McCain, of the Senate's most bromantic Warring Loser Triumvirate, has come out to defend his good pal and homewrecker John Ensign, of sex affair fame. Graham considers Ensign's sexings a personal matter on which he should keep his mouth shut, because, well, hehehe... we've all gotshit on us, don't we now?

“I think he will be welcomed back by his colleagues and go back to being a good senator,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, who said Ensign shouldn’t have resigned his leadership spot.

Graham downplayed the political impact this would have on the GOP, saying, “Most Americans look at this as a personal situation.”

Graham let out a laugh and said: “I’ve got plenty of sins that I’m not going to share with anyone else.”

What ever could he mean, and what behavior would he consider sinful? Graham couldn't possibly have any sex affairs in his background, since he has never been married. That is so weird, how Lindsey Graham has never been married. You'd think he would've gotten married at some point. A family values politician from the South, right? That is just so weird, that Lindsey Graham never got married.

[The Plumline]


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