Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham is still on a quest to see just how far up Donald Trump's asshole he can get his tongue.

Remember 2016, when Republicans swore up and down that they just really, truly believed in the new rule they had just made up about how a president doesn't get to appoint any new Supreme Court justices in an election year? I think it's possible that they might have been just a teensy bit disingenuous.

Shocking, I know.

Everyone paying attention in 2016 knew that the GOP's "wE jUsT cAnT cOnFirM a nEw jUsTiCe iN aN eLeCtiOn yEar" act was utter bullshit. But it seemed unlikely that we would get a live demonstration of just how fucking insincere and hypocritical they were so soon. In life, it's rare that we get such mirror image circumstances. But, 2020 being what it is (you know, an actual living hell), here we are.

After Obama nominated Merrick Garland to fill Scalia's seat, Lindsey really went the extra mile to sell his sanctimonious act, going as far as to encourage us to use his words against him if he did a sudden about-face when the president's party was switched, saying:

I want you to use my words against me. If there's a Republican president in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the first term, you can say Lindsey Graham said let's let the next president, whoever it might be, make that nomination.

Should we watch him say it? Let's watch him say it.

Help Lindsey Graham keep his Supreme Court promise - “Use my words against me"

Challenge accepted.

Okay, you spineless, self-righteous, must-have-some-really-fucking-horrific-skeletons-in-his-closet-to-spend-so-much-time-licking-Trump's-boots. We'd love to.

Within hours of RBG's death, Mitch McConnell released a statement saying he would happily confirm whatever literal monster Donald Trump throws his way. And, just in case there was anyone left with any doubt about just what a fascist, lying, hypocritical little piece of shit Lindsey is, he took to Twitter yesterday to clear it up.

In his unending quest to be Trump's bestest boy, Lindsey took a cue from his boss and spent some time on Twitter trying to explain how it's actually Harry Reid's fault that he can't be trusted.

Gee, Lindsey Graham sure is going to be mad at Lindsey Graham when he finds out what Lindsey Graham has to say.

A few reminders: Harry Reid changed the Circuit Court filibuster rules in 2013, three years before Graham and his buddies came up with their new "rule" about not appointing new SCOTUS justices in an election year. And McConnell was the one who got rid of the filibuster for SCOTUS seats, to get Neal Gorsuch on the Court.

Oh, and you shitheads confirmed alleged attempted rapist Brett Kavanaugh, who now has a fucking lifetime appointment to the highest court in our country, you absolute pile of rhinoceros excrement.

Graham is, of course, the chair of Senate Judiciary, where he wields a fair amount of power and will preside over any confirmation hearings. Yesterday, Senate Judiciary Democrats sent Graham a letter to remind him of the new rule he helped create just four years ago., writing

"In light of the vacancy created by Justice Ginsburg's death, we call upon you to state unequivocally and publicly that you will not consider any nominee to fill Justice Ginsburg's seat until after the next President is inaugurated," the Democratic senators wrote. "There cannot be one set of rules for a Republican President and one set for a Democratic President, and considering a nominee before the next inauguration would be wholly inappropriate."

No, I am not at all surprised that Lindsey Graham is worse than a pile of dirty diapers. What I am is fucking furious.

And I'm not the only one.

Lindsey Graham is in the middle of a tough reelection race against Jaime Harrison, the first Black Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party. In a new ad, Harrison absolutely skewers Lindsey, where he takes advice from Lindsey himself and uses his own words against him.

And the Lincoln Project Boys, who were oddly silent for most of Saturday, released a new ad targeting Graham and announced a new ad buy in South Carolina.


Harrison is one of the Senate Dem hopefulls who have raised record amounts of money since Friday night. ActBlue has reported that small dollar donors have given $100 million to Democratic candidates since Friday night.

Fuck you, Lindsey Graham.

It's time we put this motherfucker out to pasture, where he belongs.

And now, this is your open thread!

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