Lindsey Graham Will Not Save Mexico For Obama, If Health Care Reconcilation Passes


Silly GrahamnestyWe're so glad that Lindsey Graham is leading the immigration reform push again, in this latest attempt to seal our terrible borders and treat illegal Mexicans humanely while still Punishing them. This is called GRAHAMNESTY GRAHAMNESTY GRAHAMNESTY and we wish Lindsey Graham were actually serious about doing it, instead of just using it as lame crybaby leverage over the health care bill.

In a statement after the Obama meeting, Graham predicted that their effort would collapse if Senate Democrats proceeded with a strategy to pass a healthcare bill through a simple majority vote -- a process known as "reconciliation." Senate leaders say they are committed to doing just that.

"I expressed, in no uncertain terms, my belief that immigration reform could come to a halt for the year if healthcare reconciliation goes forward," said Graham, who portrayed the document handed to Obama as "a work in progress."

Graham added: "For more than a year, healthcare has sucked most of the energy out of the room. Using reconciliation to push healthcare through will make it much harder for Congress to come together on a topic as important as immigration."

Wow! What ever happened to strongly agreeing on some issues and strongly disagreeing on others, and judging each on its own merits? Well, that was always a bullshit line, but it stuck.

These people. Now they're trying to justify ETERNAL REVENGE AGAINST THE OTHERS! as a civilized governing strategy. Are they beginning to realize that they may have peaked too soon, with the insanity?

Even the Democrats are starting to call bluffs. Oh hamburgers, if we use this legal procedural process to get something done -- a collection of fixes to a newly-signed law! -- then the Republicans WON'T WORK WITH US ANY MORE, out of puerile anger. CRAZY SAD WORLD THAT WOULD BE. It's always best to give in entirely when Lindsey Graham starts making public threats about how he'll mope around the Senate floor, sniffling like a jackoff, if Democrats pass their major piece of legislation. Besides, Lindsey Graham almost certainly has 10 to 15 solid Republican votes for this type of immigration reform in his back pocket. It's not like GOP constituents would get upset if their representatives support a bill that stops short of calling for Mexican Genocide.

[LA Times]


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