Listen To Bill Cosby's Taped Confession. We Mean 'Comedy' 'Routine'

Listen To Bill Cosby's Taped Confession. We Mean 'Comedy' 'Routine'

Our pals at the Village Voice's Running Scared blog havedone some journalism: they have actually listened to Bill Cosby's old albums, until they found a HILARIOUS bit about how AWESOME it would be to have a drug you could put in ladies' drinks until they wanted to fuck you! (Or passed out, puking themselves, on a couch, while you fucked them. Six of one ...)

Poor old Coz has just had a hell of a couple months since decades-old allegations that he poisoned and raped more than a dozen women popped back into our collective conscience. Why, he may not even get to have another show about a family patriarch who yells at his children to pull up their sagging pants and also the Jello Pudding.

Now let's listen to his hilarious comedy about how great a sex drug would be if you could put it into women's drinks until they became zombies, like Crazy Mary, going "unhhhhhhhh" (but read that in a SEXY zombie way!).

Oh, man, so funny. Buh-bye Bill Cosby. Go to jail.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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