Literary Libby: Remembering Scooter's Bestiality Book

'He asked if they should fuck the deer.' - WonketteHow'd that "Merry Fitzmas" work out, anyway? Oh, not so good? Oh well! Iran totally had it coming.

Now that the great fake White House takedown is over and done -- with nobody harmed save for Irve Lewis "Scooter" Libby Jr., who will soon be granted a full presidential pardon and a seat on the Halliburton board once Cheney "gets back to the office" -- is there anything worth remembering from this long, dull puppet show? Yes, yes there is: Libby's book about bears fucking little girls in cages.

The book is called "The Apprentice," and it has little to do with the popular Donald Trump teevee show. Instead, it's all about Imperial Japan and some kind of whore-child factory and general bestiality -- a deer is also fucked by people. For some reason, the New Yorker has removed the charming article about Libby's masterpiece, but here's the Google cached version.



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