Little Girl Meets That Pretty Lady In The Painting

We need a remix with Peanuts music, probably

Last Thursday, Ben Hines, a guy from North Carolina, was visiting the National Portrait Gallery when he saw a tiny little girl just mesmerized by Michelle Obama's portrait. He was so taken with how taken she was with the painting that he just had to get a picture with his phone. He tried to find the little girl and her mom, but couldn't see them, so he posted the picture to Facebook and it almost immediately blew up online, just one of those internet things. Eventually, the internet did its work and the tiny girl fascinated by the beautiful painting was identified as Parker Curry, a two-year-old who lives in DC with her mom, Jessica, and her little sister Ava, who is one and whose artistic sensibilities are as yet unknown. In the meantime, it seemed like half the people on the planet were retweeting that fantastic photo by Mr. Hines:

Jessica Curry told CNN she kept trying to get Parker to turn around so she could snap a picture, but no, that wasn't happening:

Parker was in front on the portrait, and I really wanted her to turn around so I could get a picture with her, and she genuinely, honestly would not turn around," her mother, Jessica Curry, a small business owner from Washington DC, told CNN on Saturday. "She was uncooperative with me because she was just so focused on the portrait and studying it, and she was just so fascinated."

Ms Curry learned, after talking about the painting more with Parker, that the girl decided that Michelle Obama was a queen. Which means both that she's right, and that there need to be more Disney movies about democratic leaders and spouses.

CNN adds that Mr. Hines was visiting the gallery with his own mom, and it is quite possible we would be dead of being in love with every part of this story now, except here is the part to really finish us off for good: Michelle Obama, of course, saw the photo on the Instagram feed of the artist, Amy Sherald. So it was pretty much inevitable that Ms. Obama would have the little girl and her family over for a dance party Tuesday:

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