Little Old Lady In Florida Just Loves Teabags

Little Old Lady In Florida Just Loves Teabags

Wonkette operatives "Amanda and her boyfriend" spotted this lovely little car down in Florida. But why does it have an Illinois plate? Maybe because it is very cold in Illinois, and probably warmer in Gainesville?

Hi there. My boyfriend snapped these in the parking lot of his apartment building, in Gainesville, FL. I don't know if you can see it in the close-up version, but "TEABAG" is right on top of Lincoln's face. (If you do a Google Image search for "Illinois license plate," you'll be able to see what I mean.) Anyway, we saw the driver of the car, a wrinkly old lady who looked to me like she probably IS a Teabagger -- someone who proudly, not ironically, displays her plate. Or, as my boyfriend reasoned, "Maybe she just really likes tea. A lot." Hope you enjoy.

Maybe it's Queen Elizabeth, did you think about that, Amanda and Amanda's boyfriend?


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