LIVE: American President Addresses UN Without Even Humiliating Nation


What's Joe Biden doing this morning? One of his physical therapy palliative care bike riding Tour de France sessions? Probably. But after that, he's addressing the UN General Assembly! And we shall watch it here together. How refreshing it will be to have an American president address the UN without completely humiliating America like the last guy did every time he opened his mouth.

CNN sets it up:

President Joe Biden on Tuesday is set to deliver his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly since taking office, where he's expected to present his long-term vision for the global community, defend the withdrawal from Afghanistan and emphasize the importance of reestablishing alliances. [...]

Biden's speech, which will come in the morning session, "will center on the proposition that we are closing the chapter on 20 years of war and opening a chapter of intensive diplomacy by rallying allies and partners and institutions to deal with the major challenges of our time," a senior administration official said.

"The President will essentially drive home the message that ending the war in Afghanistan closed the chapter focused on war and opened a chapter focused on purposeful, effective, intensive American diplomacy," the official added.

All that sounds just super-interesting, and you should read it all if you really want to.

Or you can just watch the video.

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