fredneck.jpgHaving a crappy day? It's about to get worse. There's another GOP debate this afternoon, at the absurd hour of 4 p.m. Washington time, and 3 p.m. Detroit time -- the debate is happening in Dearborn, tragic graveyard of the American Dream. So, at least all the unemployed people in Michigan are free to watch it. But they won't because they're all Democrat/labor union people, or maybe they're "Reagan Democrats" or "Ted Nugent" or whatever. Anyway, we will live-blog it, dutifully and angrily, starting right here at 4 p.m. Eastern.

Supposedly this sixth GOP debate is an MSNBC/CNBC co-production starring "Mrs. Money Honey" and "Chris Matthews," but the respective websites for those teevee channels have no mention of the debate. This is how ashamed they are, about everything. Oh, and this is Mumbly Joe Thompson's first debate, so expect him to say a lot of dull bullshit in a folksy grumble, about how he will save us from the Soviets and the Japs and the Krauts and Sputnik, probably. How will "Fredneck" perform? Find out soon!

GOP debate is today (nice headline, guys) [Detroit Free Press]


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