Live-Blogging: Joe Biden Talks To Black People

Live-Blogging: Joe Biden Talks To Black People

Joe does not want to inhale your flattery, NAACP -- oh who's he kidding? Of course he does, and he will hand some right back. He sat in, he's a lifelong member of the NAACP, and he has gotten in PERSONAL TROUBLE with every single person in there, with hijinks!

FOX HEADLINE: Joe Biden admits sitting in Rev. Wright's church, plotting to blow up Chicago with Bernadine Dohrn.

Poor Mittens. He was pretty loose, for Mittens, when he addressed the NAACP yesterday, but unlike Joe he does not know how to TESTIFY.

Old Joe is going after the GOP's obstruction -- three votes for Lilly Ledbetter, the debt ceiling, all their terrible and various malfeasances, "Obstructionism was the plan from the outset" -- with citations! TELEPROMPTERZ!

Oh, the NAACP does not like Mitch McConnell's number one priority being the one-term presidency of Barack Obama, they are yelling like they are at a horror movie. GIRL, GET OUT THE BASEMENT!

Anybody else wanna hear more about Joe's hijinks with his friend named "Mouse"? Obama for America, could you send out a bulletin please?

And here is tender Joe, maybe our favorite Joe? He is talking about teaching, and education, and The Children. Who hates education? Romney. If you doubt Joe, just look at the GOP budget for the future! He is so sad about this, about their cuts in Title 1 funding and special ed. Joe is heartbroken by this, Joe is soft-voiced, more sorrow than anger. We bet anger will show up ... next sentence?

You know what the NAACP likes? Equal pay for women. They like it A LOT. Also, VAWA. And contraception. Now let's hear gay marriage?

OK we will talk about Obamacare for a while. Were you aware it is quite popular with people of color?

Pop Quiz! How do you think the NAACP feels about tax cuts for millionaires and simultaneous evisceration of the Earned Income Tax Credit? Please write your answer in the form of a haiku.

Does anyone remember Mitt Romney talking about civil rights yesterday? Like, at all? He did quote MLK, but his version of civil rights seems to have been charter schools and murdering Obamacare, right? That's so weird, how Joe Biden actually has concerns about specific plights faced by African Americans due physically and solely to their color, like for instance racial profiling, and voter suppression.

Joe is finally booed, you guys! For saying "and let me close."

Joe Biden, America's favorite white guy. OR ELSE. The end.

OR IS IT? Drudge should have been reading Wonket, he would have found this gem much faster:

The end for real.

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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