So we're all excited 'cause Russ Feingold's gonna censure the President, we read about it on the FRONT PAGE of the Huffington Post in a really big font so we know it's gonna be big, but we're watching C-Span and there's some Senator we've never heard of -- Judd Nelson or Judge Reinhold or something, the junior Republican Senator from North Vermontana -- and he's pointing at a big graph and we think he's trying to sell us a food processor or a rotisserie oven. And he keeps asking Frist how much he'd pay for a product that could do all that, and Frist says, well, no more than a $19.99, but that's not counting the $91 billion in emergency funds.

Anyway, we're gonna try to cover the censure vote, but geez, get to it already, guys.

Feingold Seeks Senate Censure of Bush [WP]

(Twenty Minutes) Earlier:Anatomy of a Censure


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