Live From CPAC: Not Even Conservatives Want To See Joe the Plumber

Live From CPAC: Not Even Conservatives Want To See Joe the Plumber

Wemet our Boston buddyGarrett Quinn at the Republican convention in St. Paul last summer -- he was a Ron Paul delegate, for reals! But politics could not get in the way of our mutual love of Guinness and Jameson, which is why young master Quinn is covering CPAC for your Wonkette! We've just thrown together this first post from a bunch of amusing emails he's sending from the proceedings, as we try to figure out how to get pictures from his fucked-up Blackberry to Newell's fucked-up Blackberry. The Future!

  • Joe the Plumber is going to be there!!!!1! One of my goals is to see what kinda of schwag the various organizations will be giving away. I would really like to find a back message-vibrating thing with the Family Research Council logo on it.
  • The Pawlenty shindig is the hot ticket right now. The Campaign for Liberty is determined to call everything they do at CPAC "Underground" They rented a townhouse or two for out-of-town volunteers. Not sure if they paid for it in Ron Paul gold coins.
  • Joe-the-Plumber spoke to 1/4 full room. It was pathetic. I got video of how fucking empty the room was. I tried to make an echo off the walls but I got yelled at. Video to come.

  • Some crazy bitch asked Patrick Ruffini to read more Harry Potter books because somehow it will save the GOP.
  • Mike Huckabee made WICKED lame jokes and people laughed.

Video, soon!


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