Live Hot Nude Jeff Gannon

gannonsquared.jpgThe manhunt for dirt on conservative Talon News reporter (or "reporter," whatever, like we can talk) Jeff Gannon officially spiralled out of control this afternoon, as the liberal pack investigation of Gannon has resulted in a shocking -- SHOCKING!!! -- shirtless picture of someone who may or totally may not be Jeff Gannon. Believe me, if that really was confirmed to be Jeff Gannon, I'd already have an interview lined up with his rockin' bod -- and I wouldn't be bloggin' it, ya know what I mean?

Also? Is there some reason reporters can't have shirtless photos of themselves on the internet? Because, if that's the case, Helen Thomas has some 'splaining to do...

Anyway, we can only sustain interest in this "scandal" for a few more minutes without full frontal. Get on it, people.

Okay, so you're here... [AOL]

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The long, long, long story here: 'Jeff Gannon' Exposed! [World O'Crap]

Domains registered to J. Daniels [Daily Kos]


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