LIVE IN CONGRESS, It's Michael Bolton!

Not actually the Michael Bolton testifying today.

This week, we had a story about a new report from Capitol Police Inspector General Michael Bolton — no, not the "Time, Love and Tenderness" guy, he is not doing a second career as an inspector general! — about what the Capitol Police knew and when they knew it, regarding the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol. Quoting Wonkette:

Capitol Police Assistant Inspector General Michael A. Bolton has released what the New York Times calls a "scathing new report" that reveals the Capitol Police knew well in advance that a potential attack was likely and that "Congress itself was a target" for violence. Yet, officers were instructed not to use their "most aggressive tactics" against the violent mob, which was good since it likely would've led to a bloodbath because the mob was heavily armed.

Today that guy heads to Congress, specifically the House Administration Committee. The Washington Post says, "House lawmakers are bracing for scathing testimony Thursday about the intelligence failures and operational lapses that left the Capitol Police woefully underprepared" for January 6. So this could be very newsy.

Bolton is not expected to sing "How Can We Be Lovers?" but if he does, that'll just be MORE news, on top of whatever other very serious news is made in today's hearing.

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