Pre-Liveblogging Bill Clinton Maybe Endorsing the Democratic Nominee, Barack Obama


Cheer up, Loser!It's the night we've all been waiting for: The night Bill Clinton will finally get out of the way and let the nominee go ahead and run for president. Bill has his legacy to worry about, because, you know, he squandered it with some of the most boorish, cheap behavior in political history -- and we are not even talking about Monica Lewinsky. Let's let Bill let us remember how wonderful he is and how awesome he will always be, as the DNC Wednesday night showdown begins.

6:12 PM -- Denver time, in the Mountains of Humidity and Oppressive Heat. Nobody has "vetted or edited" Bill Clinton's speech. Obama's staff finally got a look at it, a few minutes ago. It will "likely run much longer" than it's supposed to, which is about normal for Ol' Windbag From Hope.

6:13 PM -- Bill will mention Obama about 10 words in, according to CNN.

6:16 PM -- Sorry we missed that "nomination by altitude acclimation" or whatever; massive traffic jams around the Pepsi Center this evening, with (again) a completely random set of different streets closed off. Here is maybe the explanation for Hillary doing whatever?

6:17 PM -- In other words, it was a very historic and brave perfect thing that Hillary did, letting Barack go ahead and have his nomination without more embarrassing wrestling on the teevee.

6:28 PM -- What is this shit noise? Did John Cougar show up? Somebody kill it.

6:29 PM -- Oh, it was Melissa Ethridge.

6:44 PM -- A motorcade pulled up to the Pepsi Center, and Bill Clinton is maybe inside one of those cars!

6:45 PM -- Several other people will bore us first: Bayh, some Nevada delegate, Jack Reed, Tom Daschle, THEN Clinton. This will never be over. Wait, but that's Jack Reed speaking now, isn't it?

6:59 PM -- "Chain of Fools."

7:00 PM -- It's happening! Sara is about to take over with the new liveblog.

7:01 PM -- Here is your new link, go on over, and drink whenever Clinton talks about himself.


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