Liveblogging Blago's Latest Drug-Induced Refusal To Quit


Ha, so he's impeached now. Bad move, state legislature of Illinois! Last time people tried to take away Blago's powers because of obvious corruption, he made a national mockery of them! Blago will become King of Illinois and head of the Royal Cavalry, in a week. Let's see how he plays the race card this time. (Thank you for the live feed, liberal MSNBC!)

3:00 -- We are at home like losers and have teevee access, which means all CNN, all the time, just to watch Rick Sanchez's Twitter stream.

3:00 -- Rick Sanchez has a 20-minute opening montage, and will not show Rod Blagojevich at all.

3:02 -- Eh, he's late. He's never late! Blago! Oh there he is, running in the damn snow again, on the day of his impeachment.

3:02 -- Operative "Rob M." informs us of the important political discussion taking place on Digg right now, about Blago. Prepare to learn things!

3:05 -- Sanchez Twitter: "curious1966: y does Blago hold his news conference the same time as your show?Is he trying to cut into your TV time LOL.Seems that way!"

3:07 -- Just kinda waiting here. Apparently Harry Reid will speak in the next couple of hours. We will not liveblog that.

3:08 -- A writer for the Chicago Sun-Times -- who is wearing a sweater and not a suit! -- has used the metaphors "pickle jar" and "hot potato" in his brief analysis of Burris' legal paperwork situation. The Midwest is so cute.

3:09 -- "The seat cannot be untainted." Scrub!

3:12 -- We are still waiting to see "Mommy, Did Rick Sanchez Rape People In The War?" appear on the Twitter feed, from Jonah Goldberg.

3:13 -- Ha ha, Rick just asked someone how long it will take the taint to "smell" and ruin the Democrats. What if that happened.

3:14 -- Another minute or so. We want to read a post on the Big Hollywood but we won't be able to finish it.

3:16 -- Holy shit, not even joking, a row of black/crippled people just came on stage. Oh. Man.

3:20 -- WHERE ARE YOU BLAGO? There is going to be one hell of a photo-op here. Blago is probably putting on a kilt or whatever weird people would do right now.

3:23 -- HERE HE IS!!!

3:24 -- He immediately greets the old black man and the crippled guy in a wheelchair, then he speaks.

3:24 -- He says he's not surprised, since the legislature has been trying to impeach him since 2007. Not as if there was any recent incident to spur them on.

3:25 -- He's literally trying to prove that he's being impeached because the legislature never liked him. Well, that's probably part of it. But!

3:26 -- You know who just used the Golden Rule to defend himself against the legislature? Rod Blagojevich.

3:27 -- Ahh, these black/crippled friends onstage with him are "examples" of people who are suffering because the legislature won't pass health care legislation. Amazing. Amazing!

3:28 -- HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA... he just described how Illinois passed legislation to make prescriptions cheaper, and he literally said: "The legislature is impeaching me for that."

3:30 -- One time a lady was going to die from breast cancer, but Rod Blagojevich fixed her.

3:30 -- Again, he says that he's being impeached because the legislature wanted all of the black people standing next to him to die, immediately, of the black disease.

3:31 -- So-and-so is now able to "lead a long and happy life. Is that an impeachable defense?" *clap* *clap*

3:31 -- What a shockingly awful human being.

3:32 -- The legislature is now throwing people out of their houses, too.

3:32 -- "I want to quote another British poet." This is getting unsnarkable.

3:33 -- Some Tennyson action. The Twitterers are losing their shit.

3:34 -- He leaves. Wow. We need to cry for a little bit, the end.


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