Liveblogging George W. Bush Telling The Nation Not To Freak Out

Liveblogging George W. Bush Telling The Nation Not To Freak Out

Oh this is hilarious, on CNN we have a split screen with Barry finally laying out his detailed, comprehensive policy proposal on the left, and on the right we have a bunch of sad orange roses waiting for George Bush to stomp all over them.

Oh hey here he is! George Bush, hunched and tired, standing in the shade, a hollow wind whistling over his microphone, while in Ohio Barack Obama stands in the sunlight surrounded by adoring crowds telling them how American ingenuity will triumph.


10:26 AM -- "Lack the capital or the competency in each other to make loans," or something like that. Uncertainty leads to understandable anxiety, which makes for more anxiety.

10:27 AM -- Strategy, tools, steps.

10:28 AM -- So far he has explained why everything sucks, and told people not to freak out too much about everything sucking.

10:29 AM -- A bit of railing against short sellers.

10:30 AM -- He just sort of shrugs, hopelessly. What can he really say? He could read the same speech Barack Obama is giving right at this moment and people like your Wonkette editor would say, "Ugh, this guy is so full of shit."

10:32 AM -- The president reviews the roster of people working on the financial problem. Obviously this whole thing would be solved if they got David Petraeus to work on it.

10:34 AM -- So, did he say anything new here? No news? Didn't sound like news.

And then of course he flees immediately.


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