Liveblogging John McCain's Triumphant Paean To Age

Would you hit it?Oh crap the mummy is up! He has so very many friends, my friends! Let's see how many times he addresses them, after the jump.

10:08 PM -- Friends and friends, my friends.

10:09 PM -- Jammakain! Jammakain! He is totally biting Barack's rhymes re. hope etc. Except he is so mean about his hope. Where is he giving this speech from? An elevator? It looks so wee.

10:12 PM -- I have subsumed myself to the cult of American militarism, my friends. Ouch, more swipes at Barack! He is running for president not because he is a self-important peacock but because he is the opposite, which is a humble and decrepit old man.

10:13 PM -- Ugh, respect, responsibility, capability...what a downer this guy is.

10:14 PM -- Dude, you cannot steal "fired up and ready to go" after crapping all over Barry this whole time! And then, fittingly, he plays a triumphant recessional from the 1950s.


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