Liveblogging Obama's Latest Loser Speech

Barack Obama lost Ohio. Why is he still in the race? The Republicans already have a nominee, and Obama is only driving an unnecessary wedge inside the Democratic party. The Obamas have no shame, with their Rovian fear tactics. It is time for Hope and Change, and Barack is a relic of the past. How does he explain this?

11:40 -- Hillary won something, but I won Vermont. Other than this, I really have nothing to say...

11:40 -- ... Except for various phrases in Mexican.

11:41 -- Hope time. We had no Hope. Then we had Hope. Yes We Can. [He really has no desire to give a speech.]


11:43 -- John McCain wants to stay in Iraq, [BOO]. Like any of these "limousine liberals" have ever been there. But Yes They Can, in a McCain presidency.

11:44 -- Iraq is not the America we believe in.

11:45 -- Ha ha, in one of his famous "oratorical flourishes," he says "JOOOOOOOOOOOOOHN" and holds it for like twenty years, then, "McCain." Why does he lie about the NAFTA?

11:47 -- Who'd have thought that the "two-faced Roman god Janus, of ancient times" would be conceding some election tonight, while BUFFENBARGER -- he makes the Space Rockets -- would be getting a sloppy blowjob from some Sandusky whore?

11:48 -- This woman gave him a check for $3.01. But isn't that a regressive tax? Obviously she confused you with Pat Robertson or some teevee God Man.

11:50 -- Ooh, touchy touchy, he's talking about his father, who abandoned him. He even says IN PUBLIC that America allowed his "goat herder" father to come to America and get sexy with a White Woman. Georgian voters just assumed his father was Kunta Kinte.

11:52 -- A foreigner friend called me and said everyone in Foreignland was rooting for Obama. This foreigner was Idi Amin.

11:53 -- SPEECH ENDS, and he has not denounced Ohio, Tom Buffenbarger, Louis Farrakhan, Austan Goolsbee, Idi Amin, Osama bin Laden, Rhode Island, California, George W. Bush, his father, Jesus, Allah, Tony Rezko, Lynn Sweet, Todd Spivak, Chris Matthews, Andrew Sullivan, Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd, Chris Dodd, Rachel Maddow, Ted Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Matt Drudge, Howard Wolfson, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Halperin, Bill Cunningham, Mitt Romney, Boo Radley, James K. Polk OR FRANKLIN PIERCE AMONG MANY OTHERS. Why won't he denounce and reject anyone, dead or alive, who may have once had a political opinion? This speech was not sufficient.


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