Liveblogging Second-Tier Crybaby Losers GOP Debate For The Last Time, Thank God

OK, but only because it's our job

Hooray and woot and praise the lord almighty Herself that this is the last time we have to endure this charade of pretending Jim Gilmore (R-Who? Never Mind) and these other losers are going to be president.

Just kidding! There are still many Republican debates ahead, sorry. But at least we won't have to suffer through an extra hour or two of pregame JV Kids Table Debate For JV Kids. Sorry, single-digit losers, but it's damn near votin' time, so your resting bitch face funtimes in this 2016 election cycle are coming to an end. Be sure to THANKS OBAMA and GRRRRRR HILLARY as much as you can tonight, before you fade away into the "Who? Oh yeah, that guy" of history.

Ready? No? Too bad. Let's do this.

Also too, HERE is the link to the liveblog of the REAL debate!


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