Liveblogging Stupid Tuesday: Hillary's Got Ohio!

Hey guess what she said? "As Ohio goes, so goes the nation." Oh man she will be running for president when our grandchildren bury their robot sex slaves. "We're going strong, we're going all the way." Oh man. This will never end. This will never fucking end. Yes, fourteen presidents from Ohio were born in the 1500s. YES!

11:19 PM -- "Yes She Will" is the clever response to "Yes We Can."

11:20 PM -- She is pretty hot on winning Ohio. She thinks she won Florida and Michigan, even though those don't count.

11:21 PM -- "And today we won Rhode Island!" Thanks, Sara K. Smith and your R.I. relatives, for that.

11:22 PM -- Oh, so fun to chant a WEBSITE URL. A single mom loves to do that!

11:28 PM -- Ah goddammit your editor just lost the last dozen updates goddammit.


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