Liveblogging the Hayden Hearing, Unless It Gets Too Boring

10:16 -- VERY SHORT RECESS. Wow, that was exciting. Check back for more, once the actual questioning starts.

10:15 -- The football metaphors are killing us. Hayden will focus on "getting it right more often." Can't argue with that. Man, those medals are shiny. He should put like a couple bowling trophies on the table. Seems like anyone with epaulets is gonna get confirmed, right? "Speaking truth to power" -- check. He will do that. Where "power" = your phone and "speaking truth" = "listening in."

This is like a "bring your dad to school day." What does a CIA director do all day? By Richard Scarry. The CIA has become the football. BE THE BALL, GENERAL.

And we finally get to the press-bashing. Accountability is good, but only when they do it to themselves. Accountability = bad when it's in the New York Times."The CIA needs to get out of the news, as source, or subject." Well, if they want to get out of the news, their options are either a) fire all the non-political hacks or b) stop being a pit of incompetence and criminal negligence. Hayden doesn't indicate which one he's leaning towards.

10:04 -- Pat Roberts' openeing statement: "Al-Qaeda is planning another attack RIGHT NOW, AS WE HOLD THIS HEARING"

Levin: Will you restore analytical objectivity and speak truth to power or will you be a hack, huh?

Hayden: Uh, hack. Wait, no, the other one, sorry. Ha. Boy am I red in the face.

Levin: Almost got you!

Levin's opening statement touches on all the issues that Hayden will refuse to answer questions about. Senator Rockefeller is recovering nicely from back surgery, and watching the hearing on C-Span. Just like us!

Hayden's opening statement: A few words on Porter Goss. "As director, Porter fostered a transformation that the agency must continue..." very gracious. Whoo, here we go on the "Webster's Dictionary defines 'the CIA' as..." bit. Apparently, this CIA thing is involved in... intelligence? Security? The CIA remains... central -- geddit?

FIRST SPORTS METAPHOR. The CIA is like some sort of football player. "Even top players need to focus on the scoreboard, not on their individual achievements." No no no, Mike! They're supposed to keep their eyes on the ball!


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