stripper2.JPGKen's going to listen to douchebag handlers like Mark Penn and Joe Trippi say why their candidate will be the new Hitler (good aspects only) for America in the Spin Cave, so I'll flip around between the networks and watch teevee hosts spew dingleberry at high velocities.

10:55 -- Oh look, end of the debate! I guess I'd better "live-blog the end of the debate" since I'm here. Fifty-four forty or fight etc etc.

10:58 -- When did you decide to become President? Hillary: Zygote, Barack: When my kids became self-sufficient.

10:58 -- Barack: You might also call this decision a "change."

11:00 -- OVER. Spin, spin my golden mistresses of television, tell me stories of political shapings.

11:01 -- Keith Olbermann seems really happy that Hillary made it through the two-hour debate. Chris Matthews fascinated that a black man is running for president of Hawaii in Rangoon.

11:02 -- Tweety is being really nice to Hillary for how she behaved. How she skipped between the "intramurals" and "varsity." She's playing on the "varsity" now. Chris Matthews literally has four high school cheerleaders riding his cock at this moment.

11:04 -- Tim Russert impressed with the "geographical setting" of table.

11:05 -- I was watching this Michigan hocus pocus, who won? Did HILLARY really win? I saw her on commercial breaks talking about, what, like some bundlers of oil debt going to the land of China?

11:07 -- MLK 2008 for NBC.

11:08 -- Chris Matthews think Hillary can run on the value of the dollar. Chris Matthews thinks Hillary is INEVITABLE now! Barack has nothing to run on her, except maybe his various front page articles above the fold in Rangoon, just left of the rebellious monks.

11:09 -- Barack said he'd "join with Hillary"? Sorry, Barry, she don't swing that way. Ask Huuuuuuuma teehee.

11:10 -- Hillary's new strategy, according to famous whore Andrea Mitchell: "Run against Bush; people will assume you're president." Meh, I say she run with the racism angle.

11:12 -- What, specifically, did MSNBC higher-ups feed Matthews with pill-wise this morning? Xanax McPercoset Anti-Sexismiagra Prozac? Because that makes me act nicer towards Hillary Clinton -- the only thing.

11:14 -- Wuzzit about Gordon Brown? Well, if I were the rightful leader the Queen Elizabeth II, I'd find this mighty disreputable.

11:15 -- Which one of you people said you had a crush on Keith Olbermann? I was always a Dan Patrick guy myself. Rich Eisen looked like a little piggy heehe, a weeeee lil' piggy.

11:16 -- (Drunk)

11:17 -- NO MORE OF THIS MICHIGAN GABBLEDYGOOK, I watched "Brit Hume" all night talking about gold/silver medals.

11:19 -- "Teeth" Olbermann is "perplexed" that Mittens wouldn't take interviews after his victory. Are any of you perplexed?

11:20 -- OK, I'm done fellas. They're talking about hokey bullcrap now. Ken will be back shortly with his takings from the Spin Cave, so stick around...


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