Blue State CrabHow many times have CNN reporters announced the results before the polls closed? We've heard Suzanne Malveaux mention offhand -- at 6:58 p.m. -- that Hillary's campaign was congratulating Obama for winning the Potomac Primaries and she wanted to put the terrible day behind her. A few minutes later, Candy Crowley was in Wisconsin talking about how Obama won all the primaries -- when only the Virginia polls had closed. It's an outrage! Let's find even more other stuff to yell about!

7:05 PM -- Obama has won every demographic except for "Members of the Clinton Family."

7:07 PM -- Women now hate Hillary as much as men. Lou Dobbs is intrigued!

7:09 PM -- Too close to call for McCain v. Huckabee. Ron Paul can still win this thing!

7:13 PM -- How much do you have to hate yourself and your political party to vote for Mitt Romney today?

7:19 PM -- With 2% reporting, Obama's got double Hillary's vote. Which black people will Bill blame it on this time?

7:25 PM -- Some Republicans voted for Hillary in Virginia's open primary, because that's how much they hate McCain.

7:35 PM -- We are having trouble finding a funny picture for this post.

7:39 PM -- Crabs! Chesapeake Bay Crab!

7:41 PM -- Let's hope Lou Dobbs actually punches Wolf Blitzer tonight.


7:44 PM -- AND THE SNOW! Jim Newell was on the scene and he will soon post his eyewitness report.

7:47 PM -- Shepard Smith on FOX just described the jam as "the worst traffic since the attacks of September 11, 2001." Voting=Terrorism. Don't Vote! Protect Your Heritage!

7:50 PM -- The guys at MSNBC are going to chip in and buy the network a functional microphone.

7:50 PM -- Then again, anything that keeps Olbermann quiet is sort of a technological miracle.

7:51 PM -- Tim Russert says, "This race is tight as a tick." What, did you borrow that from Dan Rather?

7:51 PM -- Hillary is losing her main supporters: Old, lower-class people who are still stuck at work, in their dead-end jobs, working for Wal-Mart, which she owns.

7:52 PM -- McCain's headquarters just told CNN that no matter how many states Huckabee wins or even if Huckabee wins the nomination, McCain's campaign will insist McCain has won the nomination.

7:59 PM -- Turnout in Virginia for Democrats was double the GOP primary turnout.

8:00 PM -- Let's predict DC, 3:1 for Obama!


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