LIVER BELLY GOT YOU FAT? Actually, Yes. Tabs, Thurs., Jan. 9, 2020

LIVER BELLY GOT YOU FAT? Actually, Yes. Tabs, Thurs., Jan. 9, 2020

Mike Pompeo: A Model, Idiot?

Trump: A Model, Idiot?

Oh nothing.

The Oakland women who took over a vacant lot to house the homeless

The camp has a solar shower, camping toilets and a pump sink. It has a garden, a dining table, a kitchen and common couch area. "The number one thing is we have access to the resources that housed people have because I am housed," Echeverría-Fenn said. She and other housed neighbors work together to take care of the camp garbage, to empty the camp toilets in their apartments, to make sure the camp has clean water.

"So often there are the allegations that homeless people are dirty or don't keep the space clean," Echeverría-Fenn said. "No, there's only one reason why we're clean and other encampments are dirty: we have actual access to trash facilities and we have access to running water that other encampments don't."

Meanwhile, LA gets its first homeless housing project and Gavin Newsom is proposing $750 million for "housing first."

Heatwaves in England lead to 900 deaths. Remember when there were 30,000 heatwave deaths in Europe? I do. It was in 2003, which is, math, seventeen fucking years ago.

But cancer is down, down like coal!

"In early September, hospital staff loaded packages onto two 50-foot, double-hulled sailing canoes, called vaka motus. Ten sailors then zipped between Yap's islands, hoisting sails and using wooden paddles, ducking into aquamarine lagoons when storms raged. Small engines burning coconut oil gave an extra boost, while solar panels replenished batteries to charge communications equipment. Within two weeks, they'd dropped medical supplies to more than a dozen far-flung islands." -- Grist

LAPD officers falsely portrayed people as gangsters. GUESSING our Jamie will have something to say about THAT.

You go read Nereya Otieno's EXQUISITE review of Chef Omar Tate's Honeysuckle Popup, you go read it right now.

"But the theory, once restricted to the parts of the internet convinced that pop singer Katy Perry is actually child murder victim JonBenét Ramsey, has begun appearing in more mainstream channels. Left-wing political writers, podcasters and netizens are increasingly latching on to the meme that Buttigieg is a spy, an intelligence asset, or a Freemason to further the criticism that the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is not what he seems." I'm as frequently annoyed by Mayor Pete as the next Warren Lover, but you guys. STOP IT.

This though, from The Root, about racism under Pete Buttigieg in the South Bend PD, isn't annoying. It's bad.

The religious left is the most active group in American politics. A chart!

An interesting profile of Canadian Medicare from The American Prospect.

Pareene shits on the WaPo factchecker guy. Pareene is correct.

Not everything Elizabeth Wurtzel wrote was good. This, the last thing she wrote: It is.

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