Liz Becton Is The Meanest Person In DC

Liz Becton Is The Meanest Person In DC

Politico WON THE MORNING today, and that's not even an overused joke -- it truly won! And the Shenanigans blog isn't under the Link Ban, so ta-da: a link! The story is about an executive assistant at "McBee Strategic" e-mailing Elizabeth Becton, scheduler for Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott, to set up a meeting. Becton doesn't respond for a while, so the assistant sends a follow-up e-mail -- but this time with the salutation "Hi Liz," thinking that's what she goes by. Turns out she doesn't, AND SHE REALLY DISLIKES IT WHEN PEOPLE CALL HER THAT.

Liz Becton is calamitously insane, over the course of a 20-part e-mail conversation, ending with: "Sounds like you got played by someone who KNOWS I hate that name and that it's a fast way to TICK me off. Who told you that I go by that name? They are not your friend..." Anyway, if any of you readers need to schedule an appointment with Liz Becton in the future, best try this OH SHE'S HAD ENOUGH, nevermind.



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