Liz Cheney And Bill Kristol's New KeepAmericaSafe Website Can And Would Torture To Death


So Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol talked to some bigwigs over at Internet, who havefinally agreed to publish! As soon as you can tear yourself away from Michael Steele's A Man Got To Have A Code blog, your editor at Wonkette implores you to join us on a tour of this latest significant Republican contribution to the Internet. Never ever has there been so much torture in one place. Ha ha, this certainly is not true. But still! Wouldn't you like to meet today's Featured Gitmo Detainee? can just reuse this photo when they need a foreigny one instead of the O, right? That should work? There's a million more things about bombs and wars and torture and cover-ups and, just... it's a MELTING POT of human rights abuses is what this place on the Internet is. Basically, if the country did a terrible thing, there is a almost certainly a section celebrating that thing on


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