Liz Cheney Apparently Not Voting Rights Hero Nobody Thought She Was

A few weeks ago, as the whole Liz Cheney situation was really coming to a head, certain Brazilian bloggers (rhymes with "Ken Peen-Bald") were very mad at silly liberals for yet again throwing away all their principles in order to commence worship of Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick, for being one of the very few Republicans left willing to stand up and say in public, again and again, at risk of her career, that Donald Trump's Big Lie about the election was a Big Lie, and that he incited a terrorist attack on the US Capitol.

And he was right. With shame, we looked at the poster of Liz Cheney we had put next to our shirtless poster of the FBI, and wondered if we just kidding, no we didn't. It was a crap argument from (rhymes with "Ken Peen-Bald"), because nobody thought Cheney was going to become some hero. It was more nuanced than that. And in the context of this historical moment, it's pretty fucking important.

That said, we feel we should acknowledge that, judging by comments Cheney recently made about attempts by Democrats to actually, you know, protect our democracy, Cheney is no hero. Which would mean we were right all along, and that while it's indeed pretty fucking important what Cheney has done to stand up against the Big Lie, she's not actually a hero. Good on us for being right, again.

Cheney was speaking to Jonathan Swan on the "Axios After Dark" show when she said the thing we already knew:

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) told "Axios on HBO" that she won't support Democrats in their fight against the GOP's push for more restrictive voting laws — a sign that she'll be no hero to the resistance. [...]

She doesn't accept the larger context: Republicans spent years fertilizing the soil for voters to believe that voter fraud is rampant.

Oh, well, she's darn wrong about that. You hear that, Peen-Bald? She's DARN WRONG.

"I will never understand the resistance, for example, to voter ID," she said. "There's a big difference between that and a president of the United States who loses an election after he tried to steal the election and refuses to concede."

That's an easy one. It has to do with how Republicans have been using voter ID and all their new slate of democracy-killing bills in an effort to eliminate non-Republican voters from the polls in the first place — one particular fun two-step they love is "mandate voter ID / close the DMVs!" — so they don't even have to tell any Big Lies after the fact. The GOP clearly has thought for years that it's much cleaner when you can just steal elections on the front end through voter suppression, and they REALLY think so now.

Cheney said some other bullcrap:

"I think you have to look at the specifics of each one of those efforts," Cheney [said], arguing that some of the bills had been misrepresented.

"If you look at the Georgia laws, for example, there's been a lot that's been said nationally about the Georgia voter laws that turns out not to be true," she said, referring to the new restrictions that led to widespread backlash, including Major League Baseball pulling its All-Star Game from Atlanta.

No. Just no. There is no sane argument in favor of the new Georgia Jim Crow law that says Georgia Republicans were trying to do a good thing, and all the backlash is not because every single one of us, including Stacey Abrams, is too stupid to read their damn bill. Say something different, Rep. Cheney.

"What was the big problem in Georgia that needed to be solved by a new law? What was the big problem in Texas? What was the big problem in Florida?" Swan asked. "These laws are coming all around the states, and what are they solving for?"

Cheney again declined to get into specifics, saying, "I think you've got to look at each individual state law."

"But you can't divorce them from the context," Swan said.

LOL OK, Liz Cheney, but we have leaked video from a person from Heritage Action for America, which is related to the Heritage Foundation, bragging about how they are basically writing these "individual state laws" we are supposed to think Republicans are birthing by their selves out of their creative wizard brains.

Here's some video of Liz Cheney saying some decidedly non-heroic things.

In summary and in conclusion, what a BIG BULLCRAPPER she is.

Still glad she is speaking out against the Big Lie though. And it's good to see her actions on that in context of her words in this interview. Contextualizing! It's a good thing for political pundits to do.

Old Peen-Bald should try it sometime.

[Axios / Washington Post]

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