Liz Cheney Correct About Thing

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Let's check in with Liz Cheney, a person whose Twitter bio these days identifies her as a rodeo mom and a soccer mom and a baseball mom and a constitutional conservative, BUT NOT as a member of Congress, because of that whole thing where you can't get through a Republican primary anymore unless you're the devil incarnate, dumb as a Kaboodle full of rocks, or both.

Is she feeling any more free? Is she further dropping the shackles of poisonous Republicanism?

Well that's a fuckin' start.

Just kidding, WOKE, obviously we meant to say WOKE.

As you can imagine, her replies are full of people who paid for Twitter calling her a traitor.

Let's check in with Adam Kinzinger, the other Republican who worked with Cheney on the January 6 Committee to help expose the terrorist attack Donald Trump incited as part of his effort to overthrow democracy.

Well, that is also a fuckin' start.

Kinzinger is a lot more active on Twitter than Cheney is. In the past 24 hours he has also retweeted people basically calling that gun-humper Republican congressman Andy Ogles who represents Nashville garbage; made fun of that OTHER dumbfuck Republican Tennessee congressman Tim Burchett, the one whose solution to gun violence is "we're not gonna fix it"; called Trump fool Katrina Pierson an idiot in an argument about guns; and also retweeted Cheney's tweet above.

Oh yeah, and he also RTed somebody calling Ben Shapiro hypocritical garbage.

There is so much absolute filth out there today, it's nice to see some people who are speaking out now in a ways that they certainly didn't 10 years ago.

Not calling them flaming progressives or anything, but it's somethin'.


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