Liz Cheney Pretends This One Michigan Town Would Hate Hosting Gitmo Detainees When Really They Actually Just Hate Liz Cheney


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Keep America Safe, Liz Cheney's exciting new social thing likely named after some mid-career Waugh novel or other, produced a very serious new work of cinéma vérité, for which Liz Cheney managed to round-up like 6 unhappy people and a piano who all make noises indicating their displeasure with Obama's idea of transferring the Guantanamo people to the town of Standish, Michigan. Except so now Standish's City Manager and a lot of people in Standish are making noises indicating their displeasure at Liz Cheney, exploitative lying monster.

Succession of staccato E notes:

Standish’s City Manager tells us that local leaders and residents want the facility, and dismissed Cheney’s efforts as “fearmongering.”

Cheney is “certainly not representing the views of our community,” the City Manager, Michael Moran, told our reporter, Amanda Erickson.

While some local residents do appear to have expressed mixed feelings or opposition to the plan, Moran says that they’re an isolated minority that Ms. Cheney’s video elevates out of proportion in a way that’s “off base.”

What’s more, the Standish city council recently passed a unanimous resolution expressing support for bringing Gitmo detainees, citing job losses in the wake of the closing of the facility.

Still! How 'bout that documentary film?? Like Twilight + Twilight II over there. Jobs at Liz Cheney's famous Hollywood movie studio for everyone!

[The Plum Line]


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