Liz Glover Interviews Victoria Jackson, Andrew Breitbart About Whatever


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Victoria Jackson was on Saturday Night Live for a few years in the '80s, and then in 2008 she went public with her actual literal belief that Barack Obama is the Antichrist, from the Bible. So that's how she became perhaps the fourth or fifth most important senior member of the Tea Party. Here's Liz Glover interviewing her last night, extracting information. Jackson went to Baptist church four times a week growing up, and in high school she learned about the communists. What have you slobs ever achieved?

One more special Liz Glover video after the jump! This time she's interviewing your favorite activist, Andrew Breitbart.

[vimeo expand=1]


(All you have to do to confuse Andrew Breitbart into mumbling half-baked talking points and his musical preferences is ask him stupid lazy questions about nothing! It's not so hard.)




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