Lobbyists Now Writing Fake Letters To Congressmen From Blacks And Mexicans, Telling Them Not To Vote For Things

Lobbyists Now Writing Fake Letters To Congressmen From Blacks And Mexicans, Telling Them Not To Vote For Things

Jesus christ, people are so terrible these days! You know how the corporate lobbyists usually just give lots of money to elected officials, to get them to do "lighten up" a bit? Well nowadays, what with the party of "ethnics" in power, they areFORGING WHOLE letters pretending to be from black and Hispanic interest groups and sending them to fence-sitting Democrats, urging them to vote against things that would supposedly be bad for poor minorities, when really they're just bad for "Dow Chemical."

The muckraking Charlottesville Daily Progressreports that freshman Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello, who represents a Republican-leaning Virginia district, faced a tough vote on the climate change bill that passed the House last month. He eventually voted for it, like a commie, but during the process received a letter from a non-profit for "Hispanic interests" urging him to vote against it, because it would devastate low-income households' energy bills.

Turns out the letter was completely fake and fraudulent -- some dickhead lobbyist was just goin' nuts:

"They stole our name. They stole our logo. They created a position title and made up the name of someone to fill it. They forged a letter and sent it to our congressman without our authorization," said Tim Freilich, who sits on the executive committee of Creciendo Juntos, a nonprofit network that tackles issues related to Charlottesville's Hispanic community. "It's this type of activity that undermines Americans' faith in democracy."

The faked letter from Creciendo Juntos was signed by "Marisse K. Acevado, Asst Member Coordinator," an identity and position at Creciendo Juntos that do not exist.

Unfortunately for Tom Perriello, this means that that blowjob "Marisse K. Acevado" promised in the letter may not happen, either.

The letter came from someone at corporate lobbyist firm Bonner (pronounced... well, you get it) & Associates, which claims to have fired the still-anonymous slob, even though they were all in on this, maybe, that is just a guess.

Perriello's office also received five fake letters from the NAACP, urging the same thing.

Remember when motherfuckers used to go to jail?

Lobby Firm Sent Forged Climate Change Letter To Congressman [TPM Muckraker]


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