Probably the 5th or 6th naked lady picture that ever happened

People who sit down with old fashioned Bic pens and write letters to the newspaper are adorable! Consider Mr. Denny Wedemeyer (or it could be Ms., we guess!) of St. Louis County, Missouri, who had a THING TO SAY to theĀ St. Louis Post-Dispatch, after the paper suggested GOP Governor Eric Greitens should resign just because he's caught a charge for felony invasion of privacy after he tied up a lady what was not his wife and took nakey pictures of her without her permission, then tried to blackmail her.

Mr. Wedemeyer isn't too concerned about the "against her will" aspect of things. He is concerned about ART, you see, and also, he is pretty sure naked lady pictures have existed AT LEAST one thousand other times in the history of the universe, and did we put Rembrandt in prison for painting some of those nakeds? Are all the ladies Michelangelo painted saying #MeToo? Are all the various naked ladies in Hieronymus Bosch's "The Garden Of Earthly Delights" complaining? Um hello, the painting is called "The Garden Of Earthly Delights," not "The Garden Of Earthly PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT THINGS."

Since the invention of the camera 150 years ago, photographing nude women has probably been done thousands of times. Before the camera, our greatest artists also painted women in the nude. Their paintings now hang in churches and galleries around the world. Has any one of them ever been indicted for invasion of privacy? Was Rembrandt ever indicted?

"PROBABLY BEEN DONE THOUSANDS OF TIMES!" Denny Wedemeyer is not sure how many thousands, but he's heard the kids these days have cameras on their phones and surely by now there areĀ at least a thousand of them nakey booby pics. Some of them are even in technicolor!

Of course, we are kidding Denny Wedemeyer out of love, as he/she is probably 96 and has never logged on to AOL to visit the popular website Naked @ Internet Dot Com, where all the naked pictures are. (There are MILLIONS.)

And no, the people who took those pictures shouldn't be indicted, as long as the pictures were taken with the subjects' consent, just like Rembrandt should not GO TO JAIL for painting nakeds.

Unless Rembrandt painted nakeds without their permission. That would be bad.

And also seems like it would be difficult, unless Rembrandt was a remarkably speedy naked lady painter who could paint an entire naked in like 15 minutes while a naked was taking a catnap. Was that a thing? Did 17th century Holland have an issue with people getting painted naked super fast against their will?

What about 16th century Italy? Is David just some guy Michelangelo spotted in the bathhouse and was David appalled when he found out he had been speed-chiseled into one of the world's greatest pieces of sexxx art, and all because he turned his back for five fucking seconds?

We have many more questions, but they're all stupid, so fuck it.

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[St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

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