Locked and Loaded

GettyIt's either the craziest PenthouseForum letter in history, a desperate move by one of those "crisis control" PR firms to save a celebrity's image, or an honest-to-god tale of a tough broad taking what she wants and taking it with a smile.

It's a dirty, dirty story. So you will certainly not want to read the rest, after the jump.

Update: The apparently deleted craigslist post is reprinted below. We hope you're all proud of yourselves.

Update2: Just kidding! CNN's got lawyers!

We are speaking of CNN/Court TV crime star Nancy Grace and a bizarre Craigslist post claiming she jumped this dude who had been a guest on her show months earlier.

The anonymous writer says he was a guest on an early 2006 Nancy Grace show about a double murder in New England. It takes 20 seconds of Google searching to narrow down the specific crime and the specific CNN transcript and the specific guests, so go ahead and do that if you like.

There are so many lawyers in this story/fantasy that we would not even dream of naming any of them. Except for Nancy, who is a famous celebrity TV star, and who has suffered some bad press lately.

The Craigslist Forum entry is not bad press. If anything, the Phoenix Resort Tale paints Nancy as a fun-loving, no-nonsense gal. But if it's anything beyond a peculiar variation of "fanfic," we suggest Ms. Grace be a little more careful with her conquests. Gentlemen don't post geek-ass tell-alls on Craigslist.

We're pretty sure people who actually get laid don't post it on Craigslist, because they have a life.

I dated Nancy Grace...for about half an hour... [Craigslist DC]

CNN's Nancy Grace Under Fire Online [CBS News]



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