LOL, Biden Pwned By His Many Terrible Faults

'I'm a gay hobbit!' - WonketteHow long until the election? Oh, about one year and five months! So, what will political reporters write about between now and November of 2008? Nothing. We're all out of ideas, which explains why the Associated Press is now just forwarding those online personality quizzes to the candidates.

After the jump, find out which emoticons Joe Biden uses for racist remarks in chat rooms, and which hobbit Ron Paul is most like!

Bachelors, what most makes you a terrible person? (Actual e-mailed WTF? replies follow.)

* Joe Biden: "Too many to list. :)"

* Rudy Giuliani: "Talking too much."

* Duncan Hunter: "Not turning off the Outdoor Life Network (now Versus) before I go to sleep."

* Mitt Romney: "Fidgeting."

* Tom Tancredo: "Cigar smoking"

* Dennis Kucinich: "Ask my wife, Elizabeth."

That's right, ladies: Kucinich has a huge cock. But you kind of always suspected that, didn't you?

Other less illuminating answers can be found in the AP story. Next week: Which character from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" inspires your campaign-bus masturbation sessions?

Look at personal side of 2008 candidates [AP]


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