• Liberals are totally leotarded according to a recent poll administered by Zogby International, which polled a self-selected group of Internet individuals about economics and GOTCHA the liberals did terrible! [Wall Street Journal/Econ Watch]

  • Did you hear? Last night patriarchy was overthrown in America! Now that women rule the civilized world, be prepared for mandatory Mama Mia singalongs on the House floor. [WaPo]

  • Barbara Boxer, noted disco hippie, has been in Congress for "Decades of EPIC FAIL," ugh. She also wants to be referred to as "senator," not "ma'am." How DARE she demand to be referred to by her official title, and not a specifically gendered term that constantly implies she is an inferior to the men around her. [Red State/Call me Ma’am]

  • Think Progress’s originally-named Wonk Room reports on a poll that finds Americans less repulsed by gays and lesbians. Now only 43% of Americans hate homos, which is Progress! [The Wonk Room]

  • The television show that fully represents America in every way: Toddlers and Tiaras, is on tonight! This is the only thing trashier than talking about the Gore family's divorces. Here is last week's premier episode, in case you missed it: [TLC]


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