London Mayor Kills The Malaysian Prime Minister (With 'Jokes')

London Mayor Kills The Malaysian Prime Minister (With 'Jokes')

Hey ladies! Are you looking to go to college,Lean In, and really get ahead in this world? Perhaps you are from a predominantly Muslim country and you are trying to break glass ceilings over there so we don’t have to break glass ceilings over here, something something mixed metaphors. Well, if you are one of those women in Malaysia who will make up 68% of the incoming college class, the Mayor of London is so glad that you are looking to the University system to find a suitable husband for yourself. Via Raw Story:

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has been accused of casual sexism after joking that the increase in the number of women attending university in Malaysia was down to their desire to find a husband.

HAHAHA, its so funny and awesome to belittle women in foreign countries who may be seeking to make a better life for themselves. Because everyone knows that women only go to college to find husbands who can take care of them, amirite ladies! And who better for Mayor Johnson to say this to than the Malaysian Prime Minister, while also probably inviting him to derelicte ... his balls. Let’s sexplore. 

Johnson made the remark, “at the launch of the World Islamic Economic Forum (WEIF) at City Hall, where he appeared alongside Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak.” Whoa there, Big Johnson. Perhaps this wasn’t the best forum to poke fun at the Muslim ladies. According to Sophia furber, a reporter from Estates Gazette who was in attendance:

“I think the Malaysians were a bit taken aback by the remark. I felt the comment was a bit naff and not in the spirit of the event, since the Malysians/WEIF came across as very sincere about promoting women in business.”

We agree that the comment was definitely a bit naff. We would argue that it was a lot naff, even.

Could there be sound global economic reasons for increasing women’s access to college and inclusion in the global workforce? Let’s listen to the eggheads, via WaPo:

IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde … has cited research that predicts a permanent rise in GDP, from 4 percent in France and Germany to 34 percent in Egypt, once the employment gap between men and women closes in those countries. Gender work parity is also predicted to increase GDP by 12 percent among all OECD countries.

Holy shit, a 12 percent increase in GDP is HUGE. It’s almost like some countries are only using half the workforce and brainpower of their country, and its causing some sort of drag on the economy. Who would have thought that encouraging women to get some learnin and get jerbs could have such an impact?!? Anyone with half a brain, that’s who. Of course that might exclude Boris Johnson.

Big Johnson has been accused of being sexist towards female politicians in the past, but don’t worry, because this is what he had to say:

Johnson replied: “I have not been more robust towards female rather than male assembly members and I do not believe I have been remotely sexist.”

Well, we agree that he hasn’t been remotely sexist. He has been straight up sexist. Perhaps when your term as Mayor of London is over, you can send out pics of your junk and join the mayoral race for New York City. Or if that is too naff, just get caught with a hooker and go for Comptroller.

Don't ask questions. Just give in to the power of the tea.

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