As Count Dracula and Oscar the Grouch wage their endless intergenerational war over who gets to be theother senator from Minnesota, current senator Amy Klobuchar has her hands full. You see, the good citizens of Minnesota have just one person to harass about their unemployment benefits or their third nipples or establishing a new holiday to celebrate cats.

Normally, two senators can field constituent service needs while also meeting with advocacy groups and even occasionally reading bills and voting on them. But a single Minnesota senator is basically rendered helpless by all the crap she has to deal with.

So nice going, lizard people! Not only have you turned the exciting nail-biter of a race between Franken and Coleman into the most dull, agonizing shitfest since the last ten seasons of ER, you have also made Amy Klobuchar sad.

Sole Minnesota Senator Has Problems Built for 2 [New York Times]


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